Personal Hygiene on Excessive Underarm Sweating

Armpit sweat is one reason why we develop body odor. When you have problem with excessive sweating, personal hygiene helps keeping your body free from odor and perspiration. It is also a practice needed to prevent the spread of organisms and germs that can cause diseases and unpleasant smell.

Use of Deodorants and Antiperspirants

One way of safely maintaining personal hygiene is the use body spray and different deodorant brands. But if asked what the best deodorant is, an aluminum free antiperspirant is often recommended.

Antiperspirants containing zero aluminum are good to use since the absence of aluminum allows the release of sweat from our body while providing natural deodorizing effect.

Risks of Aluminum

Aluminum prevents the release of sweat and eventually inhibits the production of bacteria that causes body odor. However, the application of a deodorant with aluminum allows the accumulation of aluminum in our body or its accumulation in the viscera which is unhealthy by all means. Aluminum in the nerve cells may cause serious diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Deposition of aluminum in women may cause breast cancer and other adverse effects to the bodies. It may also damage DNA while allowing toxins that should have been discharge through sweating revert to our body.

Potassium Alum in Natural Antiperspirants

There are natural antiperspirants that contain potassium alum instead of aluminum. Potassium alum is also known as hydrated potassium aluminum sulfate that is used when purifying drinking water so as to precipitate some particles out of it. Potassium alum is also a naturally occurring aluminum salt but is not of the same type of aluminum used in regular deodorants or the aluminum which is said to be a likely cause of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The Environmental Working Group rates potassium alum as extremely low risk in generating bad or unhealthy effects to our body when used with antiperspirants.

Benefits of Aluminum Free Antiperspirants

An aluminum free antiperspirants or deodorant allows the discharge of excess water and dreaded toxins through sweating which is a natural biological process which our body needs to undergo. Aluminum free deodorants can also regulate our body temperature while suppressing the formation of skin rashes to those with sensitive skin.

Bathing and Regular Washing of Armpits

How many times do you take a bath in a day? Bathing can get rid of unpleasant smell from excessive sweating as it keeps your body clean, fresh and cool.

Regular washing of your underarms can also work well in reducing body odor especially when you don’t have time for a full or long shower. Washing is better than covering up the odor-causing bacteria with perfume or deodorants while getting clean as well.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor

Another way of practicing natural hygiene or getting rid of body odor without using too much antiperspirant or a deodorant is having a diet including a lot of fruits and vegetables and very less of processed foods.

Plenty of exercise can also also help. When combined with the healthy diet, it can tremendously decrease body odor. Less or no body odor is a sign that your are leaving a clean and healthy lifestyle.