Can Aluminum in Your Antiperspirants Cause Cancer?

Can aluminum in your antiperspirants cause cancer? The question is alarming especially for those who use antiperspirants to prevent the embarrassment from excessive sweating and unpleasant odor in the body. How do you know if your antiperspirant is safe to use or if it can cause cancer?

Aluminum in your antiperspirants they say is one cause of cancer particularly breast cancer. An antiperspirant containing aluminum prevents our body from releasing sweat, eventually preventing the purging of toxins which in turn accumulates in our body and causes cancer. The theory also states that blocked toxins are made to find their way to the lymph nodes where their activities are concentrated, contributing to the cellular reactions which cause cancer.

Can aluminum in your antiperspirants cause cancer? Most antiperspirants contain an aluminum based compound. It is an active ingredient that seals the sweat ducts temporarily and prevents the user from perspiring and forming body odor. Antiperspirants also contain a deodorant which provides it with a pleasant scent and many inactive ingredients.

The aluminum-based compound is said to be the culprit which increases the risk of user of having breast cancer. The cancer usually develops first in the upper outer part of the breast which is the body portion closest to the armpit. Aluminum enters the body particularly through the skin when the skin is cut during shaving. The chemicals of the aluminum-based compound interact with DNA which may cause changes in cells whereby cancer is developed. The compound may also interact with the female hormone estrogen which encourages the growth of breast cancer cells.

There were studies which detected the presence of chemicals from antiperspirants in breast tissue and may have contributed to the development of breast cancer cells. However, the studies do not prove that the aluminum in antiperspirants directly cause cancer or if they only contribute to its development.

It is still essential for any person either an antiperspirant user or not to eat healthy foods, get regular exercise and minimize intake of alcohol to prevent having any kind of cancer.

Inactive ingredients in antiperspirants group of chemicals called parabens have also been associated with cancer cell formation but this link has not been accepted as a cancer causing concern. However, there has been a study that high amount of parabens can be found in breast cancer tumors but it has not been proven if the parabens which is also a preservative came from antiperspirants. At this point of time, there is still no solid evidence that aluminum or any other ingredient in antiperspirants can really cause cancer. It is then still safe to use any antiperspirant with high confidence.

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