Best Aluminum Free Deodorant

Looking for the best aluminum-free deodorant on the market today? We’ve compiled a list of deodorants that are commercially available that do not contain aluminum.

Tom’s of Maine

One of the best aluminum free deodorant available in the market and popular to consumers is Tom’s of Maine, a natural long lasting apricot deodorant stick. This affordable deodorant effectively neutralizes odors even without containing aluminum while releasing a fresh apricot smell for long hours.

Desert Essence

Another affordable deodorant is Desert Essence aluminum free dry by nature deodorant. This deodorant has the capability to both neutralize odors and minimize wetness, and possess either a chamomile scent or a calendula odor which makes you smell fresh for hours.

Adidas Absorbent-Deo Wetness Control

Adidas Absorbent-Deo Wetness Control is considered one of the most popular branded deodorants today. The product is made by a reputable company which is already a household name. Adidas brings into the market a deodorant that layers a microfilm on the user skin. The formed layer serves as a moisture barrier which keeps you dry all day. The deodorant has a powdery scent and makes you feel dry while smelling great for a great deal of time.

Herbal Clear Natural Deodorant

Herbal Clear Natural Deodorant is a formulated deodorant that contains tea tree oil as well as vitamin E to keep you irritation free as well as odorless for a long period of time. Le Stick aluminum free deodorant is also a popular brand of aluminum free deodorant that is produced with an unscented formula. Le Stick has an all natural formula that comprises of baking soda as well as mineral rich green clay which is an ingredient that absorbs wetness and odors all day.

A reliable aluminum free deodorant must perform two main tasks to be popular in the market. It first must eliminate bacteria that dwell in the skin and prevent the generation of body odor even without aluminum content. What’s the best aluminum free deodorant? Underarm odor is a result of an interaction between fluids such as sweat discharged by the skin and bacteria present in the skin. Only a few aluminum free deodorants contain natural clay which provides an anti-perspiration effect. One must also remember that aluminum free deodorants are health choices since aluminum has been linked to cause breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Aluminum free deodorant such as Tom’s of Maine and Dessert Essence may be purchased from natural food stores that also sell other branded aluminum free deodorants. Tom’s of Maine and Dessert Essence both use botanicals that fight bacteria instead of chemicals to suppress body odor. You can find a wider selection of aluminum free deodorants including local brands with similar characteristics at local natural food stores.

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Lavilin deserves mention on this list!!! Way better than Tom’s of Maine..

NY Mag had great things to say about Lavilin:|currentSlide=00005