Aluminum Free Deodorant

An aluminum free deodorant is an outcome of natural and organic products which are gaining popularity nowadays.

People use the words antiperspirants and deodorants interchangeably (see Deodorant vs Antiperspirant). Although both are used to fight excessive sweating that causes body odor, they work differently. Antiperspirants completely eliminate perspiration. This is because of the aluminum salts contained in antiperspirants. Deodorants, on the other hand, are aluminum-free. When using a deodorant, you will still perspire but the deodorant kills the odor-causing bacteria. Because it is natural to sweat, it is wiser to use an aluminum free deodorant to keep you healthy, clean and fresh without the harsh side effects of aluminum to your body.

Risks of Aluminum

Aluminum (or aluminium_ has been known to have caused some health issues including seizures, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, disorders of the bone formation, kidney disorders. Many allergic reactions to alum products create skin irritation of the underarms.

An aluminum free deodorant should work to kill the bacteria that causes the sweat and also to neutralize the sweat. One good way to check if deodorants contain aluminum is to read the product ingredients and look for words like “aluminium”, “aluminum”, “alum”, “minerals” and “zirconium”. It can’t be avoided that some manufacturers claim that their deodorants are aluminum free, but they actually contain some aluminum.

Buy Online

Most organic products are sold in health stores including aluminum free deodorants. You can always go online for information on the health benefits of organic and herbal products. For your easy reference, you can check out the natural products manufactured by Tom’s of Maine, Jason Natural and Desert Essence. They are a few of the popular organic stores that make aluminum free deodorants. The deodorants contain botanical ingredients that kill bacteria rather than stop the natural process of perspiration. You can still sweat but you can avoid smelling bad.

Low Cost

Chemically prepared deodorants are always expensive than the natural deodorants. Organic deodorants are usually sold less for an average price of $6. Less expensive aluminum free deodorants are sold by Tom’s of Maine and Desert Essence. Just check out online for the price comparison.

Smell Good and Clean

Scent is another factor to consider when buying aluminum free deodorant. The rule of the thumb is to look for a scent that you are comfortable to wear. Aluminum free deodorants use essential oils like bergamot, geranium, lavender, lemon tea tree, spruce, neem and sage.

Sweating is a natural process but you can control it using natural anti-odor product such as aluminum free deodorant.