Aluminum Free Deodorant for Women

Aluminum free deodorant for women is known to be a healthy alternative for aluminum filled deodorants available in the market due to the fact that aluminum that enters the body of deodorant users may cause the dreaded breast cancer. This metal can easily accumulate in our body regardless of whether you are a female or a male. Aluminum is a main component of some deodorants since it is effective in closing body pores to prevent sweating and eventually the production of bacteria and body odor. Aluminum is also associated with neural diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease which is a disease that damages the brain, and some respiratory diseases.

Aluminum free deodorants may prevent sweating in other ways such as with the use of natural clays which have an antiperspirant effect. Natural crystal deodorants that look like a white stone may not contain aluminum chlorohydrate but consists of natural alum instead to prevent perspiration.

An example of branded aluminum free deodorant for women that may be bought in natural food stores is Tom’s of Maine and Desert Essence that contains botanicals to eliminate bacteria. This kind of deodorant does not use chemicals to mask body odor. Herbal clear natural aluminum free deodorant contains of tea tree oil and vitamin E which keeps the user odor-free and irritation-free for long periods of time.

Le stick aluminum free deodorant is a famous brand of non-containing aluminum deodorant that is available in an unscented formula which comprises of baking soda and mineral rich green clay that absorbs sweat and odors all throughout the day. Desert Essence aluminum free dry by nature deodorant simultaneously reduces wetness and neutralizes odors. This deodorant is available in chamomile and calendula scents which make you smell fresh for long hours.

Before using a deodorant, you must first use the right soap to cleanse the skin prior to deodorant application. Use body soap instead of a facial soap to remove the sweat secretions to which bacteria may multiply or can feed on to create body odor. The clearing of the sweat leaves a clean skin surface for deodorant application.

Aluminum free deodorant for women should also be free from other ingredients aside from aluminum. Examples of those unwanted ingredients in deodorants are Triclosan which is a carcinogenic pesticide, talc containing asbestos, parabens, propylene glycol, silica which can be contaminated with crystalline quartz and Steareth-n.

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