Aluminum Free Antiperspirant for Men

Aluminum free antiperspirant for men is a safer product than aluminum-based antiperspirants. This was after researchers found a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum has also been found to have caused estrogen-like effects that disturb normal hormone levels.

The antiperspirant function of aluminum is effective for temporary blocking of perspiration and the resultant odor, but its negative effects are far too risky than what it can do to control sweating.

A list of ingredients on any antiperspirant packaging will confirm if the item contains aluminum or not. Check that the antiperspirants do not contain aluminum compounds such as aluminum chlorohydrate, potassium aluminum sulfate and ammonium aluminum sulfate.

Common Brands

Common brands in drugstores that are free from aluminum are Hammer Ultramax Deodorant, Old Spice Classic Deodorant Stick and Speed Stick Classic Scent Deodorant. Aluminum free alternatives of antiperspirants can be bought in health food stores and natural groceries.

How It works

Added features of an aluminum free antiperspirant for men are its long lasting odor elimination, non-irritating, smooth, non staining, dry and non-use of alcohol as well. Instead of alcohol and aluminum, the latest aluminum free antiperspirant for men uses ingredients such as tea tree extracts, microzeolites and witch hazel that eliminate odor causing bacteria instead of just plugging up sweat releasing pores. Residues are likewise not produced upon application.

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients of aluminum free antiperspirant There are other natural ingredients of aluminum free antiperspirant for men.

Glycerin has the capability to absorb water from water and incorporate it to the skin to increase skin softness and elasticity.

Aloe which is a good moisturizer. It also has healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Allantoin is an anti-irritant and soothing agent. It is good for sensitive and stressed skin.

Antiperspirants natural ingredients also have antioxidants which help block the damaging effects of free radicals.

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